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Facial Pre and Post Care


  • It is ideal that you remove your makeup before arriving, especially if you wear full coverage. If you must wear makeup, I can remove your makeup, but please be advised this will take approximately 5 minutes off your facial time.

  • Do not arrive with a freshly washed and blow-dried hair style as your hair will be covered with a turban. While I will make every effort protect your hair from wetness, there is a possibility your hairline and/or hair might get wet.

  • Let me know if you’d like to leave your mascara on. Some clients feel naked without any mascara on, especially if they have errands to run after their appointment.

  • After the facial, you will want to take it easy the rest of the day. A facial is a relaxing treatment, and it is nice to extend this relaxing time for the rest of your day.


After a facial treatment, the skin can be a little sensitive. The following advice will ensure you continue to benefit from your treatment.

  • Avoid touching the skin to prevent bacteria or germs from your fingers getting onto your skin.

  • Wear sunblock to protect your skin from UV rays.

  • Avoid direct heat (intense sunlight & sunbeds) and indirect heat (sauna, hot bath, shower) for 48 hours after treatment.

  • Avoid makeup for 24 hours to allow your skin to breathe and to support the skin-cleansing effect of the treatment.

  • Don’t have any other facial skincare treatments within 48 hours of your facial to allow your skin to recover from the treatment and reap all the benefits.
  • Do not apply any other exfoliating skincare products for 72 hours after facial.

  • Always cleanse, tone and moisturize your face; to prevent loss of moisture, protect the skin from makeup and to keep the skin soft and supple.

  • Always remove all traces of makeup at the end of the day.

  • Do not apply perfume or perfumed products to the treated area within 48 hours.

  • Drink plenty of water (recommended 6-8 glasses per day). This is to help flush out the toxins from your body now that your lymphatic drainage system has been boosted by your treatment.

  • Don’t have any other facial treatments for 24-48 hours to allow your skin to recover from the treatment and reap all the benefits.



  • Use an SPF on your face to protect it after any advanced facial.

  • Avoid extremes of temperatures- the wind, effects of central heating as this can have a dehydrating or damaging effect on the skin and your skin may be more vulnerable straight after an electrical treatment.


  • Increase your water intake to 8 glasses a day.

  • Decrease alcohol and smoking to keep skin healthy.

  • Follow your home care routine.

  • Use products as advised by your beauty therapist – these should be specific for your skin type, concerns and budget.

  • Use a sunscreen daily.

  • Always wear a good sunscreen as this prevents ageing and protects your skin.

  • If you have any adverse reactions please contact us as soon as possible.

  • Protect your skin in harsh climates e.g. cold winds and hot sun.

  • For long term results get regular facials, at least once a month.

  • Eat balanced meals.

  • Get plenty of beauty sleep.

  • For long-term results and as a preventative measure, book your facial once every 6 weeks (the ideal scenario) or once every 3 months (the least).

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