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Fees and policies are subject to change without notice. We reserve the right to decline service to anyone.

Permanent Makeup Fees Include:

Initial consultation with Pre-Procedure instructions; Complete medical history and review; Analysis and measurement of face shape and features; Custom makeup designing with YOUR final approval of design; Custom blending of pigments for most flattering color; Sterile single-use needles and digital safety equipment; Disposable protective coverings on exposed surfaces; After care kit with supplies and instructions; One follow-up procedure (touch-up) within 60 days. Please allow 3-4 hours for initial procedure visit.



*Total includes initial appointment which includes a thorough custom consultation as well as Touch-Up Appointment 6-8 weeks following. *Please note that all Microblading Appointments require a 50% Non-Refundable Deposits for all bookings. *Please review our policies HERE prior to booking online. *Rates subject to change

Touch Up After 9 Weeks . ..$150

Touch Up After 3 Months . .$250

Touch Up After 6 Months. . . .$350

Touch Up After 12-18 Month $450+


Hair Strokes ... $550

Manual Shading (Fossing) ... $425

Shading Technique ...$425




Lash Enhancement - most subtle look

Lower Eyelids Only ... $275

Upper Eyelids Only ... $335

Upper AND Lower Eyelids ... $435

Medium Enhancement

Lower Eyelids Only (up to medium thickness line tattooed) ... $300

Upper Eyelids Only (up to medium thickness line tattooed) ... $365

Upper AND Lower Eyelids (up to medium thickness line tattooed) ... $465

Extra charge for Designer Eyeliners—Layered Colors, Smudgy, or Thick*
  (*Extra fee applies if eyelid anatomy requires thick tattooing to achieve desired look.)


Lip Liners and Full Lip Color

 Soft Lip Liner with Blending (up to average size lips) ... $450

 Full Lip Color (includes defined or soft liner; up to average size lips) ... $595



Optional Makeup Design Appointment

All makeup procedure appointments allow enough time for custom design with your approval before tattooing. However, if you want to “test drive” an eyebrow, eyeliner, or lip design awhile before tattooing, this appointment is your “safety net.” A separate appointment will be scheduled prior to your procedure. You will receive a facial analysis and trial application of conventional makeup to get an idea of the design of your permanent makeup. Fee is $95 per area. If your procedure is performed within 30 days of the design appointment, $35 will be deducted from your procedure fee.


Permanent Makeup Maintenance

Maintenance fees apply to refreshers or touchups of Dr. Reed's own micropigmentation work (returning patients). Cost varies according to length of time since last procedure, amount of fading, and work required. Fees start at $100.

OPermanent Makeup Done by Another Person

Recoloring permanent makeup done previously by anyone else is not “just a touch-up” for Dr. Reed since it was not her original work. Therefore, fees start at the new permanent makeup prices. Additional charges will apply if extensive shape and symmetry correction is required or pigment removal is necessary.


A spot test procedure helps determine the best color match to surrounding skin tones. It is required for any area larger than 1/2 square inch. Fee is $150. A credit of $50 will be applied toward the initial tattoo session fee. The test pigments must heal a minimum of 30-45 days before camouflage tattooing sessions can begin. If camouflage tattooing is performed without a spot test, a signed waiver will be required.



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