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Brow Extensions Pre and Post Care


The longevity of Sleek Brows very much depends on how they are being treated. To prolong their life it is important to follow these guidelines.


  • Please take extra care during the first 24hrs following the treatment. That’s how long it takes for the adhesive/sculpting paint to set. Avoid getting them wet during this time.

  • Do not, pick, pull, scratch or rub your eyebrows. You will cause damage to them and your skin!

  • If you no longer wish to have Sleek Brows you will need to visit me to have them professionally removed.

  • Oily products will soften the bond and make your brows fall/peel off sooner. Avoid these near the eyebrow area; you can still gently use them around the brows.

  • After 24 hours water can touch the eyebrows, but make sure shampoo or conditioner do not run through them. Do not apply any oily products before showering.

  • Avoid touching your brows while in the shower. After the shower, you can gently press a towel on your Sleek Brows to dry them; do not rub the brows with the towel.

  • To wash them, allow a light water stream to run through them without any rubbing, pat carefully with a towel.

  • If at any time you find an eyebrow has moved out of place, just gently push it back into place like you would do with your own eyebrows.

  • Be careful when pulling on clothes overhead; ensure you do not pull on the hairs with clothes.

  • Eyebrow mascara, pencil, and powder can be used to maintain the extension when you find that they are getting messier towards the end of their wear.

  • Sauna and steam can be used but only 24 hours after the treatment. Do not touch your brows while in the sauna or steam room or 30 minutes after sauna/steam.




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