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Are SleekBrows products tested on animals?

No! Only on friends and family.

What are SleekBrows extensions?

No! Only on friends and family.

What can I expect during the procedure?

SleekBrows is a 3-step technique process that includes: brow shaping, sculpting and building. Shaping is performed via threading or tweezing (my preferred method) and custom tailored for your specific brow shape. Once the shape has been defined the brows are sculpted (for those with sparse brows wanting denser brows) with a special gel and colored powered mix to provide a base on which to build the brow extensions.  Brow extension made from synthetic-mink hairs are then individually applied to give a 3D appearance to the brows.

How long will SleekBrows extensions last?

Typically 2-3 weeks but with proper aftercare the brow extensions could last longer.  

How will SleekBrows benefit me?

A unique benefit to Sleek Brows products is the ability to correct brow shape and help regrow brows in the correct shape. As a SleekBrows therapist, I am serious about knowing and assisting you in all aspects of eyebrow restoration.

What should I do to care for my extensions after they're applied?

There are a few simple steps to follow to keep synthetic brow extensions looking beautiful. First, do not cleanse eyes, shower, swim or use a steam or dry sauna for approximately 24 hours after application to allow time for the adhesive/sculpting base to set (avoid getting them wet).  Always be gentle with the brow extension, and do not pick, pull, scratch or rub your eyebrows.  Oil-based products will soften the bond and make your eyebrows fall/peel off sooner. So avoid these products near the eyebrow area. Chances are, if you have problems with your brow extensions it's because you are using oil-based products – just use non-oil-based products, and treat your brows gently. It's best to remove make-up with a soft cotton ball to protect the lashes. As the brows get messier towards the end of their wear, brow mascaras, pencils and powders can be used to fill in in the brows.

If at any time you no longer wish to have the brow extensions please call me to schedule an appointment to have them professionally removed.

Can I wear brow extensions if my natural brows have been tinted or bleached?

The answer is yes, but you will want to wait 24 hours to apply the brow extensions to tinted or bleached brows.

What if I have a sensitivity to the glue or any of the other products?

Before application of the lash extensions, a patch test will be conducted 24 hours in advance to ensure that there is no allergic sensitivity. The vast majority of people will have no reaction whatsoever to the products used during the procedure. If you experience any reaction, use OTC products such as Benadryl or a prescription cream such as Desoximetasone can be used. It is always best to seek medical attention if needed.

Should I do SleekBrows extensions or Phibrows microblading?

Sleek Brows extensions are a temporary service that will provide you with denser defined eyebrows. When the extensions become worn, either replace them, or have them professionally removed when you’re tired of the look.  Phibrows microblading is a form of semi-permanent tattooing that can last up to 1-2 years. This process is for those who want a longer-term solution to fuller brows.  For those wanting to ‘road-test’  a filled in look SleekBrows extension is a great way to test how you would feel before committing to the longer-term PhiBrows semi-permanent tattoo.

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